501 (C)(3) nonprofit.

Edensaw Community Cancer Foundation

11th Year in Existence. 

Starting in 2007, the ECCF was founded by the employees and owners of Edensaw Woods. Their continual goal is to raise funds to financially assist cancer patients and their families located in East Jefferson County, Washington.  Nearly all of Edensaw's employees donate a portion of every paycheck to the ECCF.  So the charity is really close to the hearts and minds of the Edensaw Crew.  Due to the charity being managed by the very employees, Edensaw Woods Ltd. picks up all overhead costs, which allows 100% of our fundraising to go towards 100% of the cause.  

Many patients benefit from the financial assistance provided by the ECCF. This allows them that little freedom to deal with making themselves better. Our warehouse and showroom dedicates a portion of the stock to the ECCF, so that the public can choose to purchase that wood and have 100% of those sales, go directly into the ECCF fund.  Later those funds are dispersed to patients as needed. We look forward to the day that cancer is no longer an issue, but until then, will keep doing what we can to help.  Stay tuned to this page and we will post events and other ways you can participate in what we consider is a wonderful opportunity.

From the bottom of our hearts and minds, we thank you kindly.

If you would like to donate today, check below, as we have a link where you can donate over the web and we will send you a thank you receipt for your records.

For those that make a donation of $500 or more,

we will send a Limited Edition Medallion to you or a person of choice as a thank you gift for your generosity.

Our medallions are very special and limited to available stock.

Thank you.

Please email rick@edensaw.com for further information.