densaw Woods Ltd. has a fully functional CNC department that works in tandem with our milling team to provide our customers with additional time saving options when managing their projects.

Our highly skilled Edensaw CNC team is available Monday through Friday.

Additional Information of Note:

CNC refers to: Computer Numerical Control. This machine converts designs created in a CAD or Computer Aided Design program into numbers. These numbers are considered points on a graph that, with the aid of a highly skilled operator, help guide the cutting router heads or lasers used to shape or cut a design into wood or metal. Edensaw utilizes router cutting heads.

A benefit of using a CNC machine is that the machine can make very precise, accurate cuts repeatedly without breaking a sweat. Instead of taking 40 hours to cut out 50 parts, a CNC machine can cut those same parts without error in less than a few hours. Thus saving time and money.

With the aid of this automation process, it helps both small and large companies increase their production times exponentially, and improve the returns on their projects’ investment.

Edensaw’s CNC Department specializes in projects such as cutting cabinet parts, drawer fronts, crown moldings, table tops, furniture parts, profile work, engravings, labels, stencils, etching, ribbing / side panels for boat builders, creating molds, cutting soft metals, and planing warped slabs just to name a few things.

All of this is accomplished with speed, repeatability, and accuracy. 

If you have a project in mind that you feel could use a little CNC work, feel free to contact our sales department or our operator:

Chad Babcock at Chad@edensaw.com